Joe Ave

Joe Ave, formerly known as Young Logic around the Salem area, is a founder and THE original member of the GroundUp Studio crew. Steven and Ave met back in 2005 and clicked with music as soon as they began working. It wasn’t until later that the two met ThatKidCry and they would push the movement together with their first track titled, “Tribulations,” that also featured an original member named Mr. Grey.

Joe Ave has spent years crafting his music abilities while simultaneously jotting down his thoughts and struggles like we all do as artists. Joe is all about being real with the music and really puts his life and energy into the words he writes. Joe Ave really personifies the idea of GroundUp in that he builds from the bottom and creates work capable of reaching a higher level. We believe in him and only listening to his music will make it obvious why that is. A genuine human who is simply trying to make it and a valuable component to the GroundUp team as a whole.