What Is GroundUp?

A collective. A studio. A family of artists.

GroundUp Studios was founded in 2010 by Steven Gibson, Joe Ave, and ThatKidCry. What began as an idea for Joe and Steven quickly developed into more as ThatKidCry joined them in 2012, and Steeze later in 2016 as more began to join the table.

Current GroundUp artists include Joe Ave, ThatKidCry, Steeze, RizzleMusik, Mposter, and Ya Boy B. Steven Gibson is the dungeon’s creator and designated in house engineer and producer. Queen LaChiefa is our merchandise manufacturer, and RizzleMusik also runs a podcast called “Upleft State of Mind” where he features artists and interesting people to interview locally.

Based in Salem, OR, we primarily work with hip hop artists and vocalists, but we are never opposed to ignoring the titles and just creating good music. GroundUp isn’t just a studio or a group of artists… it is also a group that was designed to grow upward together, and to share energies in our common goals to do what we love and to be more as artists. We are a collective, a studio, and a family of artists.

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