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Oct. 10th, 2019

#EFRT blog entry 4

Today we were suppose to be in Minnesota… but after being trapped in the snow in Whitehall, MT in an economy minivan for two days, we decided to skip our icy stops and head southeast for Lawrence, Kansas (show is this Sunday). We’re making a pit stop in Fort Collins, CO on our way. We still have yet to perform any shows – but at least we got footage for a new music video out of the deal! Looking to be productive on our way. Wish us luck!



Oct. 9th, 2019

#EFRT – From the Wintery Abyss in the middle of Montana.

Rations are good. Van is currently still operable and moving down hill toward Whitehall as I type this, after a mysterious Oregon resident turned Montanyan saved us in his Dark Red Chevy Silverado. The only human to stop for us. Things started to get iffy after we entered Montana and left Idaho on our journey. We hit some literal icebergs at a Star Wars-like warp speed as a barrage of snow stars crashed into our windshield in the middle of the night for a few hundred miles on Highway 93 through Montana… we kept going, stupidly thinking we could make it, until we got badly stuck. Yes, this is the moment when I thought of what Drew of Bad Habitat might say. The thing he posts every winter at a rate of which I should have listened. Reflecting on the trip… we definitely should have bought some tire-chains from Walmart. We also should have looked at the weather warnings as we passed through Montana. We should have heeded the warnings from our friend Steven as he messaged us about the weather being bad… but no, I didn’t listen, we didn’t check, we got trapped… now we’re stuck in a 2 day storm that is covering multiple states. Starting from Montana to Minnesota where we were headed for our first stop.

No body is out here driving except the guys out there saving people for fun… because no body out here is dumb like we were. We’re learning big lessons on this tour… but we’re still looking to make forward movements. We’re plotting our next moment of escape when daylight comes. Looking for tire chains. Contemplating going back to Butte where we can get warm and head south for Kansas. We’re likely going to miss Minnesota, Chicago, and Wisconsin on this tour the way things are looking in this position unless things get cleared up.

Fingers crossed but it’s not looking good! We’re not letting it bring us down. We’re considering shooting a music videos in this blizzard/snow while we kill time and wait for chains or the snow to clear.

Whichever comes first? Wish us luck…



Oct. 4th, 2019

So October 4th kicked off the first stop on the Escape From Reality Tour by hosting Mposter & ThatKidCry @ The Capitol for another installment of the area’s popular local showcase, Project Martian (hosted by emcee Tyler Martian). DJ Zone and MadHappy backed us up on the wheels as Bend, Oregon’s Fall Festival raged on simultaneously outside the building. The Hobbyists (Tyler Martian, Sleepy, Northorn Lights, and Tony Has) all crushed it alongside our GroundUp members, featuring special guests The Clumzy’s on their set as well. After the show Mposter and ThatKidCry had a night on the town with The Hobbyists members, hitting bars downtown together, and chopping it up with DJ Zone about a couple of his interesting/amazing experiences in hip hop such as working alongside Aesop Rock for a music video and on stages. Overall, it was a good first stop, and even though we didn’t get RizzleMusik and the Born Broke Die Famous homie KRYPTiC, Mposter and ThatKidCry held it down for the team in Bend. The 4 emcees will all be hitting the road Tuesday morning and headed for Minneapolis together for their first out of state spot at a venue called Part Wolf with T La Shawn on Thursday night.



Oct. 3rd, 2019


GroundUp Studio is going on tour for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!! RizzleMusik, Mposter, ThatKidCry, and special guest KRYPTiC (Born Broke Die Famous) are set to hit the open road. Making 12 stops in 8 states. Including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, and of course Oregon. Unfortunately the whole crew couldn’t make it this time around, but trust us there will be more! So we decided 3 wasn’t enough and had to make things interesting, so we invited Kryptic. Kryptic has really expanded his brand over the years. Forming his own group Born Broke Die Famous.. These guys are wild! Call them trap or trash they don’t give a fuck, they will shut shit down with witty trap lyrics and high intensity stage performance.

Keep a lookout for more post from the crew as the tour goes on…



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