Terrell Baker, also known as T-Rell, was born in Salem, Oregon. He currently resides in Keizer with his family. Since he was a kid he has always enjoyed all types of music, but hip hop stuck. Occasionally he dressed as Lenny Kravitz, playing the air guitar and even singing to R&B. Terrell has always had a Passion for entertaining.

2004, his close friend convinced him to write his first rap. He was hooked right then and there. From then on poetry became a way for him to express his emotions. After high school he helped create a group called YNR, which led them to open up for Marcus Houston! The group fell apart and T-Rell went solo.

Within the next few years he did music with multiple artist. Eventually they were known as Polite Society. He released two mixtapes, “Halfrican King” and “Purple Rose.” Fast forward to now and T-Rell is currently a member and collaborating with the team GroundUp Studio! He’s looking forward to new projects with hopes to inspire the next generations and sprout new ideas.