ThatKidCry is a prolific artist with one of the biggest bodies of released work in the Northwest!

Recording under GroundUp Studios since 2012, ThatKidCry has a vision to bring people together through music. 

Empathetic words, a deep understanding for human emotion and how people work, ThatKidCry also displays a real energy on tracks and prides himself on the ability to give all of his emotions to his songs. ThatKidCry is a natural born leader and spends most of his days recording himself or other artists in the Bamboo Dungeon of GroundUp Studios.

Singles such as “Surfer Jack”, “Kids”, “What I Know”, and more provide powerful messages from a real perspective. ThatKidCry has been on multiple independently funded tours with some of his greatest friends.

“Everything you really need to know about me can actually be found in my music. I’m an open book with pages still being written… and trust me when I say there will be new volumes.

I am influenced and inspired by my sons, daughters, my lovely lady Queen LaChiefa, my family, and of course all the friends I’ve made on this journey. The work I do is also a massive reflection of all the people I’ve known and loved and received help and inspiration from throughout the years… You know who you are. You’re beautiful.”

– ThatKidCry

ThatKidCry aspires to have a mixtape hosted by Pauly Shore and DJ Green Lantern, appear on celebrity death match, record a song with his favorite artists, and to rep for the monstrous talent who all record with the GroundUp Studios team.