Episode 5

CeaSoN and ThatKidCry chop it up with long time Salem hip hop head and east coast to northwest transplant, Watermelon Jones aka Uncle Sicko! We touch on things like beef/online drama, politics in rap, and upcoming music. Make sure to follow him on FB at www.facebook.com/TeamJonesMusic for any updates on future releases or just what he’s up to in general.

Episode 4

ThatKidCry & mposter sit down to chat with Salem’s own The Kid Espi aka Jacob Espinoza about his history in the town and hip hop, his podcast “New Leader Workshop” and the goals behind it, how him and ThatKidCry met, and more! Stream his podcast or visit with him on Facebook.  

Also bump Oregon Homeboy for old times sake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uqHm…

Episode 3

KRYPTiC joins ThatKidCry and CeaSoN to chop it up about how they met, their show history, what’s coming next for Born Broke Die Famous, their new spin-off hot wings show called Sauce Talk (linked at the end of the video), and a bunch more other random things we felt like talking about! 

Follow KRYPTiC on all socials and music platforms – @bornbrokediefamous or @krypticofficial

Episode 2

Welcome back to The Zoo!! This week we welcome in the fourth member of our crew, mposter! We talk about a plethora of topics, and almost go off the rails a few times, but its a great conversation nonetheless!! Enjoy!!

Episode 1

The Zoo is a hip hop podcast by RizzleMusik, CeaSoN, ThatKidCry, and Mposter. All 4 members of GroundUp Studio are just animals in The Zoo. Listen to us talk hip hop – local and mainstream, upcoming shows and projects, random current events, and more…